Israel’s own misconception on “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”

The next war is inevitable, Israelis believe, because our enemies hate us, they’re fanatics, they don’t care about dying, they like to die, etc.What’s fascinating, though, is how people here completely overlook these last eight years of peace and quiet on the northern border, which the air force did everything in its power to disrupt until finally, this week, it succeeded. How can anyone say the next war is inevitable, that we’re fighting “the war between wars,” after nearly eight years of tranquility on the border with Hezbollah and Syria?How? Because the great majority of people in this country don’t notice it when the Arabs aren’t killing us, only when they are. They have this idée fixe that the Arabs have one purpose in life, to kill Jews, and when they’re not doing it, they’re preparing to do it. So no matter how long the Arabs take a break from killing us, it doesn’t change the general Israeli view of them, nor does it change their view of how Israel should deal with them.And it’s not just on the northern border with Syria and Hezbollah; very few Israelis have any idea that the Palestinian Authority has been working with the Israeli army and Shin Bet for 10 solid years to shut down violence in the West Bank. If you mention that to them, many if not most Israelis will get irritated. They don’t want to hear it. They don’t want to hear that the Arabs are afraid of us and our army, and that if we leave them alone they’ll leave us alone – even after eight years Hezbollah, 10 years Palestinian Authority, 30 years Syria, 40 years Egypt or nearly 50 years Jordan of Arabs doing just that.

via Israel’s ‘war between wars’ backfires

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Israel map

(Yeah… nothing better than a good old patriotic war)

There’s no bigger blind than that who doesn’t want to see.

And israelis don’t want to see. Specially their army rulers and politicians don’t want people to see. Because if people don’t see things as they do, “they loose, it’s game over”.

So let’s better be blind,.. and make people be ready to pull the trigger and empty their carriers over the enemy homes before these are fast enough to retaliate properly.

After that happens, you can say everything. Literally. Or you can say nothing. Either way it worked before. Ah, the magic of a “good’ol patriotic war!” …if that doesn’t work this time…. go for religion as a trick. And let time go on. No one likes the brownish beardies, after all, uh?… even themselves don’t like each other!… whatever the excuse, or the facts, it wil never be Israel’s brave holy warriors’ fault. 

So yes,… Israelis are applying the three Wise Apes motto: 

“see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”

Israelis hide from reality, same as ostridges hiding their heads into the dephts of their own moral ground…in the hope it will save them from their own fears and shames. 

To that strategy I say… Bollocks!


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