Eyes don’t see it…. heart does not feel it!

I’m shocked and supprised. I thought we were in a relatively safe place, where one could express one’s self. We wanted to raise questions about visual culture, between obedience and resistance. I had interesting talks with my students about silencing others, about deep misunderstandings about the concept of democracy, and how dangerous it can be to endanger it.

via Out of sight, out of mind:

Right-wing students tear down Activestills photo exhibit

+972 Magazine.

descarga (3)

A new proof that Israelis are mastering the Ostridge Strategy. Even when they are faced with reality, if they can’t hide it, they try to cover it up. 

It’s like if they were holding a terrible moral fart, in the middle of an important meeting with all the nations. They can exit maybe once or twice to liberate in the WC, or blame the neighbouring seats again a couple of times, if eventually someone notices what’s going on.

But some day they will have no chance to hold it… and everything that has been retained for so long will flow out freely, making everyone around turn ther faces disgusted.

Eventually they may be invited to abandon the meeting room. 

… but that time didn’t arrive yet.  

In the meanwhile, they will try to keep being creative with excuses.

Until now it worked really nicely.

Good Night, world!

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