Gideon Levy, on zionism and the joyful return to “Ghettoicity”.

Israel is returning to the ghetto, building its own neo-ghetto with its own two hands. Welcome to the Israel Ghetto; it built the walls and fences that surround it long ago, and the mental and cultural walls are on the way. What was done to the Jews for generations, the Jews are now doing to themselves: judging people by their ancestors and withdrawing into a ghetto-state whose nature will be determined by its degree of purity.

This time it’s not the goyim’s fault, it’s Israel that yearns to live in a ghetto. It’s an old-new obsession, and history laughs its bitter laugh. The new Jews, the Israelis, embrace the methods and the standards of the Nazis, may their name and memory be erased. The Israelis check their bloodlines and then put them in a ghetto.

The only thing missing is the yellow star; maybe it will come back, too. After all, how will we know who’s Jewish in the Jewish state? There has to be a way to identify who is (and more importantly, who isn’t) a Jew. The most obvious identifier is the bad old yellow Star of David sewn on your clothes.

Yes, it’s a new yellow time in which the Jews are withdrawing back into the ghetto. Israel is doing its best not to be accepted into its neighborhood – the “villa in the jungle” as Ehud Barak called it – and the effort goes beyond security and politics.

It’s “no entry” to Middle Eastern culture, to Arab art and history, to African asylum seekers, to anyone who isn’t a Jew.

via Israel’s nation-state talk means the return of the yellow star



Gideon Levy surprisingly shares my own thoughts and ideas. it’s been a while since I had the same perception. Jews have lived for such a long time in ghettoes, apart from everyone else, doing their own stuff without mixing with others except for business that they have incorporated that isolationism to their own identity as a people. 

It’s like if all the iconography was again alive. The walls of the ghetto, the racial and bloodline purity, the collective identity of being apart, of avoiding mix and contamination. 

Racial purity. Family lineage. National ethnicity. Exclusion of those “out of our group”. Walls and laws to avoid contamination… yeah,… those who say that Adolf Hitler was, in fact, a resentful descendant of jews, must be smiling. History has this kind of sad jokes, sometimes.

And yes. We must wait for yellow stars to come out again as a symbol to wear proudly over clothes. But this time to mark those who are racist and intolerant. Those who are everything except democrats.

Iconography still has to reach the levels achieved by the old enemies of judaism … and democracy. 

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