it’s your first last moment … or your last first moment… live it!

I love this woman… I love her and so many other people in her area. Wish she could feel it. From me… and from all of you, people outside Syria. Wish she could smile because of it. She and so many of those living like her… Or even worst. Don’t hesitate to show ur support for the people… They need it more than any idea or political speech. Hugs from Spain, Levantine.

Levant woman

This evening I wanted to write

I typed and typed

Nothing sounds as painful as the truth

I delete and delete

My friend who lost a beloved friend of her last week came to visit me today

she told me that the most painful thing in losing someone so close that we don’t usually think of their existence in our life, it’s for granted that it feels so natural and normal so we leave many words unsaid and many feelings unrevealed. And suddenly we find out that we wasted many moments not appreciating the friendship or the love we have, and then every second sounds like a wasted treasure…

Image chasing pavements – photo by me

how come we don’t appreciate having a family every second! How come you can let your mom die without letting her know how much you love her.

Why do I have to survive a mortar shell…

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