Arab Nationalism & The Changing Face of Arab Identity

It has a point… But I truly doubt that nationalism Is an answer… At least a nationalism based in the union of hindreds of millions of people who share somehow historical cultural and religious links. The best proof of it is my beloved Europe… We are all westerns, white and mostly christians,… We have been sharing thus continent with even more contact than arabs. For centuries there was only one christian church and the cult language was latin for all. But we soon found our ways to set differences. Same happens with arabs and with everyone else. Finally, individualism finds its way… And a whole culture flourishes with it!. Main excuse to unite arabs was religion… But it was only an excuse to justify the eternal real ways to keep a group lf identities together: Force.

That, and anything else, was always the key factor to unite peoples everywhere. A strong linking army. If the one who rules is a king, an imam or a warrior, ends up being indifferent to history. The results are the same everywhere. And arabs are no exception to being humans as everyone else.

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