Are Israelis afraid of abandoning their moral and political Ghetto, maybe?

But that, Israeli readers will tell me, is the prejudiced view of the outsider. What looks from abroad like a self-indulgent, wayward country – delinquent in its international obligations and resentfully indifferent to world opinion – is simply an independent little state doing what it has always done: looking after its own interests in an inhospitable part of the globe. Why should embattled Israel even acknowledge such foreign criticism, much less act upon it? They – gentiles, Muslims, leftists – have reasons of their own for disliking Israel. They – Europeans, Arabs, fascists – have always singled out Israel for special criticism. Their motives are timeless. They haven’t changed. Why should Israel change?But they have changed. And it is this change, which has passed largely unrecognized within Israel, to which I want to draw attention here.

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…no need for further comment. The article from Haaretz is simply brilliant. If you can’t access, for whatever the reason, tell me and I’ll download a copy. 

I’m not against Israel. I hate Hamas. But still… Israel is earning my absolute disgust.

 My empathy for the suffering in #Gaza does not make me anti-Semitic, nor does it make me pro-Hamas or anti-Israel. It makes me human.— David Harris-Gershon @David_EHG July 24, 20142

I awaken every day afraid to learn an Israeli soldier I know has been killed or more civilians in #Gaza have died. Because I’m human.— David Harris-Gershon @David_EHG July 24, 20143

I write critically because Israel’s actions are harming itself as well as Palestinians. I write both because I’m human & a two-state Jew.— David Harris-Gershon @David_EHG July 24, 2014

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It makes me human..


“We will leave Mosul and we will never return as long as these people are present,” he was overheard saying to his wife as they hurried away…

Recently IS group leader, al-Baghdadi, who has hardly been seen at all and who has been notoriously media-shy, was filmed by his group’s propaganda team preaching at Mosul’s landmark Great Mosque of Al Nouri. Afterwards groups of men approached al-Baghdadi. One local who asked what was going on was told that the men were pledging allegiance too. “Up until now it seems that this pledge is voluntary,” the local man, who preferred not to give his name for security reasons, said. “The ball is currently in the local people’s court. But that can’t last forever,” he speculated. “Soon anyone who has not pledged loyalty will be considered an enemy,” he suggested. Al-Baghdadi’s public appearance made many of the IS group members proud and they began to tell locals openly that Mosul would be the capital of the new Islamic state they had formed. All other conquests would be launched from Mosul, they said. Whatever does happen, the IS group is certainly acting as though Mosul is their capital, especially now that their “Caliph” – al-Baghdadi – was present and that people had pledged allegiance to him.

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all islamic, all the time – mosul set to become caliphate’s capital.


Gaza is today’s Warszaw… SIGN AND SPREAD!

In the last five weeks three Israeli teenagers were murdered in the West Bank, a Palestinian boy was burnt alive, an American kid was brutally beaten up by Israeli police, and now over 40 Gazan kids have died in Israeli air strikes. This is not the “Middle East conflict”, it’s becoming a war on children. And we are becoming numb to this global shame.The media makes out like this is an intractable conflict between two equal warring parties, but it is not. Palestinian extremists’ attacks on innocent civilians must be condemned and ended but the root of the conflict lies elsewhere — in the dispossession of the Palestinian people. Israel currently occupies, colonises, bombs, raids, and controls the water, trade and the borders of a legally free nation that has been recognised by the United Nations. In Gaza, Israel has created the largest open-air prison in the world, and then blockaded it. Now as bombs fall, the families, literally have no way to get out.These are war crimes and we wouldn’t accept that anywhere else, why accept it in Palestine? Half a century ago Israel and its Arab neighbours went to war and Israel occupied the West Bank and Gaza. Occupying territory after war happens all the time. But no military occupation should turn into a decades long tyranny which only fuels and benefits extremists who use terror to target the innocent. And who suffers? The majority of loving families on both sides that just want freedom and peace.



Israel-Palestine: This is how it ends.


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Some weeks ago, when the Palestinian Unity Government was made, Hamas accepted to adhere to a political entity that acknowledges the existence of the State of Israel, inside the limits of 1967 borderlines, same as the UN have stated.

This meant the end for any Zionist ambition to annex, expand or incorporate further territory to its legal borders. They know that all land they acquire must be taken by force, hence, peace is the worst perspective for Zionists.

They simply can’t keep stealing like they did until now.

A day will come when they will face the facts we all see and can’t be hidden anymore, and they will say, same as others said in 1945 “we didn’t know”… but until then, Israel and its silent public opinion will keep growing over stolen ground. 

Yes… according to the biggest human organisation, everything taken out of the 1967 borderlines is STOLEN. 

So please, share and spread.

Maybe this way we can stop the bombing of the 21st Century Ghetto, in Gaza.

I can’t help thinking in Warszaw or Krakow when I think about Gaza tonight. Maybe it is because the speech and ways of the Zionists does not differ much more than a comma from those who treated the Jews that same way during the rebellions in the ghettoes during WWII. 

Ah, yes,… there is no extermination camps nowadays. But that does not change the facts.

Gaza is today’s Warszaw. 


Basic Lessons to understand Middle East. Must read!

Advanced countries have long resolved the debate over the state and its system: The republics are republics, kingdoms are kingdoms, and change, when it happens, targets the rule, not the state or the system itself. But in the Arab countries, the nature of the “state” is still a matter of contention.Some wanted a “unity,” in which mainly the Levant countries that were created by the colonial powers would merge. Others wanted regionalism that is fortified with sectarianism. Between these two desires, some started justifying the colonial “interest” by finding fake historical justifications to consecrate the de facto states.There’s no historical state called Iraq, nor one called Syria, or Lebanon. Those words were used to describe locations, not national identities. Also, there was no state in the Arabian Peninsula, nor on the shores of the Gulf extending from Shatt al-Arab to the Strait of Hormuz, where three countries Kuwait, the UAE, Qatar were established, as well as Oman, which always had different features.Babylon is not today’s Iraq. The Hittites and the Assyrians did not have a “state” — in today’s sense of the word: a specific political entity — even though they had swept the whole Levant and expanded their empires by occupying other peoples’ lands.In the era before Islam, the Levant — specifically most of the so-called “Fertile Crescent,” i.e., Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and part of today’s Iraq — came under the rule of the Greeks, then the Romans, then the Byzantines. When Islam came and spread in the entire Arab region, the state of Islam under the Umayyad dynasty was an empire whose capital was Damascus. Then, with the Abbasid state, the capital became Baghdad. Then the caliphate withered away and was inherited by the Mamluks and the Seljuks, till the Ottoman dynasty came and built their empire under the Islamic banner and the Ottoman sultan.The “states” that we know in the Levant are less than a hundred years old. They were established by colonial powers and weren’t created, in their current borders, by the will of their people, but rather according to the interests of foreign countries that have dominated the region after the defeat of Turkey and Germany in World War I.

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A must read for all those who never go further than

“geez… again those damn mad people killing each other!” 

… spread please. 

International Crisis Group report on the situation in Gaza and Israel

Israel and Hamas are locked again in combat likely to yield – beyond tragic life and property loss – a return to a destructive status quo. The immediate triggers were the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli yeshiva students, for which Israel holds Hamas responsible, and the revenge torture and murder of a Palestinian teen by vigilante Israeli Jews. The nature and extent of Hamas’s involvement in the initial obscenity remains unclear, but the attack’s consequences are anything but. Since Israel launched Operation Protective Edge on 8 July, 168 Palestinians have been killed 80 per cent civilians, a fifth of whom were children and about 1,150 wounded. Some 1,000 rockets have been launched toward Israel, of which about 200 were intercepted by the Iron Dome defence system. Previous rounds ended with each side claiming at best a Pyrrhic victory, because Israel can achieve lasting stability only when Gaza does, and vice versa. Breaking this pattern is even more urgent today, because the stakes of this escalation could be higher.

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New Obstacles, New Solutions

International Crisis Group.

false-flag (1)

As usual, diplomacy has the ability of not letting anyone satisfied with its arguments… but the alternative is to keep killing until there’s no more to kill.

… or until diplomacy reaches the same goal it preached since day 1. Both renounce… both win.

That is something that Hamas understood before all this crisis stopped. But Israeli govt. had different plans.

They want it all. And peace will never work for them. War, hate and anger has always been more worthy. It creates new heroes, new martyrs… and new land conquered for their country.

And those who don’t see it, simply don’t want to see.

I keep asking myself why they love it when they are so blondish and light-eyed… but less and less every time.

“Behind every terrorist stand dozens of men and women, without whom he could not engage in terrorism. They are all enemy combatants, and their blood shall be on all their heads. Now this also includes the mothers of the martyrs, who send them to hell with flowers and kisses. They should follow their sons, nothing would be more just. They should go, as should the physical homes in which they raised the snakes. Otherwise, more little snakes will be raised there.”A week earlier, just before 17-year-old Mohammed Abu Khudair was snatched and burned alive, Shaked wrote: “This is not a war against terror, and not a war against extremists, and not even a war against the Palestinian Authority. The reality is that this is a war between two people. Who is the enemy? The Palestinian people. Why? Ask them, they started it.”So even before the boy died horribly she declared him to be the enemy, and afterwards, without any apparent hint of guilt or remorse, she was calling for the deaths of innocent women and their unborn babies.She made me think about my mother’s sister Klara and her three small children who were living in Krakow in 1939 when the Germans invaded. They decided that the Jews – all Jews – were the enemy and had to be eliminated, not least the women and the little snakes they were raising. “Why? Ask them – they started it”, as the Nazis would say if asked.

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