International Crisis Group report on the situation in Gaza and Israel

Israel and Hamas are locked again in combat likely to yield – beyond tragic life and property loss – a return to a destructive status quo. The immediate triggers were the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli yeshiva students, for which Israel holds Hamas responsible, and the revenge torture and murder of a Palestinian teen by vigilante Israeli Jews. The nature and extent of Hamas’s involvement in the initial obscenity remains unclear, but the attack’s consequences are anything but. Since Israel launched Operation Protective Edge on 8 July, 168 Palestinians have been killed 80 per cent civilians, a fifth of whom were children and about 1,150 wounded. Some 1,000 rockets have been launched toward Israel, of which about 200 were intercepted by the Iron Dome defence system. Previous rounds ended with each side claiming at best a Pyrrhic victory, because Israel can achieve lasting stability only when Gaza does, and vice versa. Breaking this pattern is even more urgent today, because the stakes of this escalation could be higher.

via Gaza and Israel:

New Obstacles, New Solutions

International Crisis Group.

false-flag (1)

As usual, diplomacy has the ability of not letting anyone satisfied with its arguments… but the alternative is to keep killing until there’s no more to kill.

… or until diplomacy reaches the same goal it preached since day 1. Both renounce… both win.

That is something that Hamas understood before all this crisis stopped. But Israeli govt. had different plans.

They want it all. And peace will never work for them. War, hate and anger has always been more worthy. It creates new heroes, new martyrs… and new land conquered for their country.

And those who don’t see it, simply don’t want to see.

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