Even Israelis are starting to get sick… of being part of what they are. And it’s not our usual medicine what they need. Neither do Palestinians.

Did you hear of the Dayton Agreement? That’s the agreement that was imposed upon Yugoslavia by the international community to end the horrendous civil war that was raging there. You know how long the negotiations were? Twenty-one days; I checked. And here, peace negotiations have gone on since I was a high school student. Tell me, are you kidding us?No, really. Do something. Look at what’s going on here. I’m sick of all of your nice statements about ending the “cycle of violence” and all of that, and going back to the negotiation table and all of that. I’ve just had it with you. You come here to meet us, ye knights of civil society. You nod, you encourage, you finance the offices, the salaries, the printing of reports on glossy paper. And I’ve had it. I’ve had it with all of your reports, with dulcet legal English about human rights and international treaty violations with plenty of footnotes. You come, write the report, and go back to your homes. To the Metropolis. To beer and football. Oh, and what football it is!So listen to me for a minute, Mr. Renzi. I know you have nothing but good intentions, really, but I’m a little sick of it. It’s just not helping here. Don’t come. We’ll send you an email with an attachment. We’ll meet at the UN Security Council. No, really, forget about it.


Letter to the EU: Help! Everybody here has lost their minds

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This should be an Open Letter to all Muslims, indeed.

When you see the black flags, remain where you are and do not move your hands or your feet.

Thereafter there shall appear a feeble insignificant folk. Their hearts will be like fragments of iron.

They will have the state. They will fulfil neither covenant nor agreement. They will call to the truth, but they will not be people of the truth.

Their names will be parental attributions, and their aliases will be derived from towns.

Their hair will be free-flowing like that of women.

This situation will remain until they differ among themselves.

Thereafter, God will bring forth the Truth through whomever He wills.


Open Letter to Baghdadi



Who can be then surprised that we get more angry than muslim arabs, about how are things for the non-muslims/non-arabs around there?

Saudi Arabia has not even reached its centenary, with the year 2014 representing its 84th National Day. While many try to argue we have come a long way in a short amount of time, all it takes is a simple hop across the border into the neighboring countries of Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, or Kuwait to get some perspective on just “how far we’ve come.”All of these nations are younger than Saudi Arabia. All of them generate significantly less in oil revenues than the Kingdom. All of them have substantially less tourism thanks alone to Mecca and Medina. Yet all of them have out-performed Saudi Arabia. Though none of these nations is perfect, their citizens enjoy comparatively less corruption, better infrastructure, more social benefits, and greater freedoms than Saudi nationals do, and they have achieved all these things with much less than we have.But, Saudi Arabia has also managed to outperform many other nations in several different arenas. It has topped the charts as the world’s most obese country, most repressive society, most unjust country for women, and least welcoming state for  foreigners.As people wave their flags on this National Day, I cannot help but think of the Saudis of whom I am incredibly proud. Many of the people I believe have the potential to move this nation forward are sitting in prison cells as criminals, for advocating on behalf of freedom and human rights for their fellow countrymen. Others have been intimidated into silence by the state, placed under house arrest, currently live in exile, have been stripped of their nationality, or killed.

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If they assume as normal the way the Sauds reached power, celebrating it (even when all those outside the royal family have different feelings kept intimately), how can we keep any hope for them to feel affected by what happens to those they see as “the others” in their cultural portion of the globe?… e.g.: Arab Shiites, Arab Christians, Arab Yazidis, Arab Alawis, Kurds, Turkmens, and then… other Gulfians… and Arabs of the Levant, Syrians, Lebanese, Palestinians… and then Egyptians… Berbers and other Maghreb Arabs… Sahrawis… Sudanese… Somalis… and then a legion of workers from India, Pakistan, Philippines … 

If they celebrate the example given by King Abdulaziz, according to the way he behave with his own folks… how can we be surprised by how Saudis really see all those who are not Saudis? The worst part is that they set an example to be followed by too many.

Change in Middle East will ONLY come from women. That I am sure of.

“We cannot assent to the legality of the Law of Entry into Israel, which allows every Israeli and every Jew to move freely in all regions between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River while depriving Palestinians of this same right. They are not permitted free movement within the occupied territories nor are they allowed into the towns and cities across the green line, where their families, their nation, and their traditions are deeply rooted.“They and we, all ordinary citizens, took this step with a clear and resolute mind. In this way we were privileged to experience one of the most beautiful and exciting days of our lives, to meet and befriend our brave Palestinian neighbors, and together with them, to be free women, if only for one day.”

The police have questioned 28 Israeli women; their cases are pending. So far, none of the Palestinian women and girls have been caught or questioned by the police.


Window Into Palestine:

Israeli Women That Risk Arrest To Take Palestinian Women To The Beach.


The meaningless (and meaningful) death of a martyr.

ISIS has released a video apparently showing the beheading of David Haines, a British humanitarian who was trying to save lives in Syria. It’s just heartbreaking–and infuriating. I’ve swapped the photo, because I think news organizations should show people like Haines as they were, as they should be remembered, not as objects in terrorist videos. We wouldn’t run a clip of a rape video, so why run a clip from a beheading video? RIP, David Haines, and thanks to you and your family for your courage and sacrifice.

(ISIS Says It Executed David Cawthorne Haines, British Aid Worker – http://www.nytimes.com)


Nicholas Kristof.


May God almighty, (or Allah, as ALL arabs call Him, Christians or Muslims, Sunni or Shiah, Kurds, Yazidis, Ahlevis, Druze…) judge these men’s souls as they deserve for eternity.

And may men’s justice treat these الكلاب as they deserve. 

David Cawthorne was an example to follow. I don’t know if he believed in anything, but…. he did exactly what I believe that God asks men to do. 

Give your life to save other’s.

That is what a martyrdom is.

Stop calling martyrs those who die killing. They are not. 

Call them warriors, if you like. Or killers. But not martyrs.

God will never rejoice with the prostitution of that concept.

Rest in peace now, David. And… as a human… I feel I must tell you sorry for being as we are.


There is a cure for Israeli Paranoia… But it’s obvious that they don’t want it.

There is a third way, one that would involve rethinking Israel’s policy not only toward Gaza or Hamas, but also toward East Jerusalem and the West Bank. This would aim at ultimately transforming Hamas into a political party in an independent Palestinian state, making Hamas, and other armed factions, subject to its laws on the use of force and invested in the state’s survival.Only when there is a Palestinian state will Hamas actually have to choose between accepting the legal commitments and sovereign nature of the State of Palestine and going to war not only with Israel, but with the rest of Palestine and its Middle Eastern allies as well. Specifically, if the Palestinian state would be established next to Israel based on the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative, then it is likely that both Qatar and Turkey – Hamas’s main patrons, who support the initiative since its launch – will join the coalition pressuring Hamas not to abrogate the peace agreement with Israel. This virtually certainly would be the policy of most of the Arab League members, led by Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.Like it or not, the demilitarization of Hamas passes through Palestinian statehood. Not because Palestinian statehood would end all violence against Israelis, as some Palestinians would continue to challenge Israel’s very existence. But the aim should be to minimize their number; a Palestinian state could be the most effective way to do so. It would by definition seek a monopoly over the use of force, making demilitarization of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad feasible – not simply by forcible disarmament but also, no less importantly, by integrating those Hamas militants willing to abide by their state’s international commitments and obey its leadership. Palestinians in general and Hamas specifically would then face a choice between working in the interest of their state’s prosperity and continuing a military struggle against a much more powerful Israel and its Arab allies.


How not to demilitarize Hamas

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How is it to resist while living the hell of Raqqa.

From the very start of the popular uprising in Syria, Assad and his regime described the unarmed protesters as “terrorists.” In order to ensure that reality fell in line with its propaganda, the regime began arresting tens of thousands of activists calling for democracy and who resisted sectarianism. At the same time, it released from prison Jihadists, who in turn began establishing armed groups that adhered to Salafi and Jihadist ideologies, which eventually became IS.The rise of radical groups in Syria benefited the regime not only by making its propaganda a self-fulfilling prophecy, but also by increasing support for it among religious minorities, the bourgeois and liberals. It should be no surprise, therefore, that the Assad regime consistently refrained from directly fighting IS. The jihadist organization, for its part, preferred to focus on the establishment of an Islamic state and fighting against more moderate rebels and enforcing Sharia on the population under its rule.“From the time when IS took full control over Raqqa in March [2014], there was only one aerial bombing – 40 days after they arrived,” Akram recalls. “Then there was complete calm.”In June 2014, with the help of local Sunni tribes and organizations related to the Iraqi Ba’ath party, IS forces took control of large parts of Iraq, including the Sunni cities of Mosul and Tikrit. The IS advance has since been halted as a result of a counter attacks by Shi’ite militias, the Kurdish Peshmerga, the Iraqi Army and the American Air Force.“Everything changed dramatically [in Raqqa] after IS’s huge advances in Iraq and its capture of Mosul,” Akram explains. “Since then we have witnessed at least 10 air raids a week.”


Trapped between Assad and ‘IS’: Inside the capital of the ‘Islamic State’

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As some guy stated out there commenting this link on Facebook: 

Over the past few decades, Saudi Arabia has founded and funded Wahhabi mosques in many cities in many, if not most, countries. Those Wahhabi mosques preach division and discord between Muslims, and condemn all other interpretations and traditions of Islam as heretical, often even calling for non-Wahhabi Muslims, as well as non-Muslims, to be killed.

Those Wahhabi mosques and preachers are the sources of many, if not most, of the foreign fighters who’ve joined ISIS, and their same sources of funding are behind ISIS, itself.

Authentic Islamic sources and teachings make it clear that Wahhabi/takfiri/khawarij doctrine is not only un-Islamic, but anti-Islam.

The only reason it has been able to flourish is because the British helped the Wahhabi-backed Al-Saud family seize Arabia after WW1, as a way of controlling the oil that was found there, and the Americans compounded that error in the post-WW2 era, in the name of “stability”.

As well as acting against ISIS, the Saudis’ global network of Wahhabi mosques and preachers should be either dismantled, or subjected to rigorous scrutiny and controls, to end their incitement against both non-Wahhabi Muslims and non-Muslims”

And I agree… if we want to stop Muslim extremism (and not only IS, but all kinds) we have to stop those who teach it and recover the memory of people like Ibn Rushd, Rumi, Ibn Arabi and other wise men from the Sufi tradition that represented the splendor of Islam, and erase the heritage of Ibn Wahab, who represents its shameful moral decline.

Israeli religiosity -same as the Arabs’- is getting back to basics… Basic politics, I mean.

THE ZIONIST movement was created by secularized Jews, after the victory of the European Enlightenment. Almost all the founders were convinced atheists. They were mostly quite ready to use religious symbols for decoration, but were roundly denounced by all the great religious sages of their time.Indeed, before the creation of the State of Israel, the Zionist enterprise was remarkably free of religious dogmas. Even today, extreme Zionists talk about the “Nation State of the Jewish People”, not of the “Religious State of the Jewish Faith”. Even for the “national religious” camp, the forerunners of today’s settlers and semi-fascists, religion was subordinate to the national goal – the creation of a national Jewish state in all the land between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River.This national onslaught met, of course, with the resolute resistance of the Arab national movement. After some initial hesitation, Arab national leaders turned against it. This resistance had very little to do with religion. True, for some time the Palestinian resistance was led by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini – not because of his religious standing but because he was the leader of Jerusalem’s most aristocratic clan.The Arab national movement was always decidedly secular. Some of its most outstanding leaders were Christians. The pan-Arab Baath “Resurrection” party, which came to dominate both Syria and Iraq, was founded by Christians.The great hero of the Arab masses at that time, Gamal Abd-al-Nasser, though formally Muslim, was quite un-religious. Yasser Arafat, the leader of the PLO, was a pious Muslim in private, but under his leadership the PLO remained a secular body with many Christian ingredients. He spoke about liberating East Jerusalem’s “mosques and churches”. For some time the official aim of the PLO was to create in Palestine a “democratic and non-denominational” state.SO WHAT has happened? How did a nationalist movement turn into a violent, fanatical religious one?


God Wills It!

– Gush Shalom –

Israeli Peace Bloc.