The meaningless (and meaningful) death of a martyr.

ISIS has released a video apparently showing the beheading of David Haines, a British humanitarian who was trying to save lives in Syria. It’s just heartbreaking–and infuriating. I’ve swapped the photo, because I think news organizations should show people like Haines as they were, as they should be remembered, not as objects in terrorist videos. We wouldn’t run a clip of a rape video, so why run a clip from a beheading video? RIP, David Haines, and thanks to you and your family for your courage and sacrifice.

(ISIS Says It Executed David Cawthorne Haines, British Aid Worker –


Nicholas Kristof.


May God almighty, (or Allah, as ALL arabs call Him, Christians or Muslims, Sunni or Shiah, Kurds, Yazidis, Ahlevis, Druze…) judge these men’s souls as they deserve for eternity.

And may men’s justice treat these الكلاب as they deserve. 

David Cawthorne was an example to follow. I don’t know if he believed in anything, but…. he did exactly what I believe that God asks men to do. 

Give your life to save other’s.

That is what a martyrdom is.

Stop calling martyrs those who die killing. They are not. 

Call them warriors, if you like. Or killers. But not martyrs.

God will never rejoice with the prostitution of that concept.

Rest in peace now, David. And… as a human… I feel I must tell you sorry for being as we are.


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