The Pied Piper of Syria

Not going to say I share everything said by my fav Levantine here (I still believe in Heaven, whatever it is) … but I understand every one of these words. Up to bottom. Rest in Peace, kids… And for the families… be strong. And keep looking forward. As they would expect you to do so, if they were still alive and depending on you.
Look forward for them. Syria depends on all and every one of you, just like these kids.
Syria is these kids.

Levant woman

I wrote once here that I will only write about hope… only hope will let me look at this white screen and type my letters… today I can’t help not to write, but not to spread hope this time .. to tell a story for humanity to hear…

Once up on a time in a city called Homs in Syria, there were many families who wanted to raise their children normally despite the war torn there and the tragic around them.  they taught their children about love and life. The sent them to school believing they can build a human not a fighter..

They didn’t know that in places like Syria humans are not welcome, if you don’t know how to carry a riffle or a knife you are not welcome. If you only know how to carry your book case, your drawing crayons and your little innocent hear, then you…

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