The answer to Wahabbism/Hanabillah-ism / Salafism / is inside Islam… it can’t be an answer from the West.

Salafists are equally hostile toward Shiites and Sufis, as they view these two denominations as heretical and not belonging to the true Islamic religion.

Saudi universities have made great efforts to publish books and articles responding to Shiism and Sufism, as they stem from the same corrupt origins, according to them. Moreover, many Sufi shrines and religious buildings have been demolished by Salafist groups in various parts of the Muslim world.


How Sufism could balance Salafism

 Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East.


The mystical, respectful soul of Sufism is the answer. It was because of this philosophy that Islam was at the time respected beyond other religions.

It was Sufism what created the legends and the splendors of Al-Andalus, and what made men like Ibn Raschid (Averroes), Maimonides and Ibn Arabi flourish for the sake of all mankind. 

If muslims are looking for an answer to the “what can we do” question… there must be no better than this. 

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