A Government-sponsored Life

Touching deeply… -_-

وهذا الربُّ لفي ضلالٍ مبين

“I don’t want to die, Ibrahim.” I tell him.

“Everything dies,” he replies. “Don’t be afraid of death. Fear dying without being satisfied with yourself.”

But Ibrahim, life is not a performance. Although there are people bent on assigning us roles and binding us in a specific timeline ending with the end of the play and the destruction of the stage, life is not a performance. Why the need to be satisfied?

“I’m not afraid of death.” I say, I lie.

I lie again. “I’m not afraid of death, I just don’t want to die before seeing anything beautiful in our region.”

There are plenty of beautiful things in our region, I remind myself, but seeing them, and participating in them, requires money. I don’t have money. I have an Internet connection, so I only get to see pictures and read articles about beautiful things in our region.

“I don’t…

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