Caliphate vs. Emirates: An off the cuff look into the analogy between Taliban and the ISIS

Combat Journalist


By Mustafa Kazemi


    Conspiracy wise the ISIS or Islamic State of Iraq & Syria isn’t much different from what we witnessed during the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. Differences like culture, government system, and economy might make us think that there are barely anything common between the two terrorist groups – but there are enough analogy between the two.

When Taliban came into existence, it was merely known as a resistance group. It later transformed into a group that wanted to establish an Islamic government in Afghanistan and finally one of the groups responsible for the 9/11 attacks. It was no longer government of Afghanistan – but was “the Taliban”. ISIS – which also goes with its brand new name the “Islamic State” displayed a very similar show on its appearance. Still labelled as a Sunni resistance group that is fighting the “injustice” in Iraq by the Shiite government…

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