To the Syrian Kurdish drowned child: There is still something else I will ask from you.

Sleep tight sweetheart, fly away as far as you can. But do promise me angel, that when you come to Heaven, you will tell God all about Humans.

Tell God that planet Earth is no place for small innocent boys like you.

Tell God that on planet Earth, Humans behead people in his name, governments bomb cities and shoot children, and other Humans only watch them doing so.

Tell God that this morning, when your mom put a red t-shirt and blue shorts on you, she told you that you were going to a place where there was no war, where you could play without bombs raining on you, and you would go to sleep without the lullaby of gunfire.

Tell God that your mom wouldn’t have put you on a boat unless the water was safer than the land where you came from.

Tell God that on planet Earth, there are many Humans but not much Humanity.

Tell God everything little angel, promise to tell God everything.

-Save Kobane, Facebook-

 Aylan Kurdi... 3 years old... rest in peace.

Aylan Kurdi… 3 years old… rest in peace.

“Even the sea could not carry the heavy burden of this child’s lifeless body, so she returned him to us, to be a testimony of our failure as human beings.

His name was Aylan Kurdi, he was 3. His brother’s name was Galip Kurdi, he was 5. Last year they fled with their parents from ISIS siege of Kobane to Turkey. They both died together with their mother when an overcrowded boat filled with refugees fleeing the war in Syria capsized shortly into the crossing to the Greek island of Kos. They were not wearing lifejackets, so they did not stand a chance when the boat overturned in the dead of night, some 30 minutes after it set off at around 2am. Of the 23 passengers, 13 are believed to have died. The death toll includes five children.”

-Save Kobane, Facebook-