#TurkeyTerror and its utter failure.

(Beware, dishonorable and graphic content)

In this strange and amorphous war, the body of the dead woman becomes a cipher, a symbol.


She must not only be dead, she must be dead and naked and humiliated, she must be denied any kind of dignity.


She is not a soldier, nor a rebel, nor an enemy, nor a combatant – she is first and foremost female, nothing but a body.


She must be reduced because the threat she embodies is multiple: she is a woman, and also a Kurd, and a fighter, a rebel. In the logic of a hierarchical patriarchal system she must first be reduced to nothing but a woman, and then reduced to even less than a woman – a dishonored woman, a naked one.

Source: How the Toxic Patriarchy of War Plays out on Kurdish Women’s Bodies – Research Turkey


AND THESE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE OUR ALLIES, PART OF OUR CLUB, AND THIS IS THE BEHAVIOR OF THE SECOND ARMY IN SIZE FOR NATO… But Muslims won’t claim for abuse, as they would everywhere if these acts had been done by a Western Army bunch of bastards.

…meanwhile, in the civilized world:


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