Alabadi is getting Mosul to choose between ISIL leader and the militias leader

“Our stand in Mosul is total disapproval to put Mosul back to the very same situation it led to its invasion, when the sectarian violence ruling the streets. Our problem is never been with the Shiit at all. Our problem is with armed militias with theological doctrine that is not different from ISIL’s.

ISIL’s caliph is not any different than the caliph of Ala’asaaib.”


Mosul Eye

“State and Order are NOT within Alabadi’s choices”

A conscious government can never treat mistakes with their cause. What happened in Mosul was because of the sectarianism of the previous Iraqi government led by the sectarianism godfather Noori Almaliki, which led Iraq to this current situation. Alabadi’s decision for the people’s mobilization units to participate in liberating Mosul is wrong and with this Alabadi sends a message of a dual views: he is either to weak to the point the PMU is controlling over him, or, he’s unable to distinguish right from wrong.

The only single guarantee to liberate Mosul is official forces that consists of the Iraqi army that is built with the Iraqis’ money to train and to equip, and not by repeating the same old mistakes.

The Iraqi government left Mosul behind for two years, and built up mountains of haters towards the city among the Iraqis…

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