In Maghreb, an irresistible tug of religion and tradition – Your Middle East

Besides the political impact of Islamism on the Maghreb since 1985, probably the most important impact of the return to tradition and the orientalisation (shar9anat) of this region can be felt on the massive return to religious practice and belief, especially among the youth who reject Western culture through steadfast re-Islamisation.

This expresses itself unequivocally in the following manner:

Dress code: 9amis or 3abaya for men with a turban or sheshiyya as headwear. Hijab for young ladies and Ni9ab or Burka for married women (total Hijab).

Alternative medicine: Use of tibb nabawi (Prophet’s medicine) instead of conventional medicine and wide utilisation of medicinal plants and religious medicine (ro9ya char3iya).

Islamic TV: Watching Islamic broadcasts that spread popular preachers’ messages, Koran-reading and religious songs (anashid).

Religious language: Use of religiously inspired expressions such as Jazak Allahu khayran instead of Shukran. Use of Salam u alaikum instead of Ahlan. Use of Allah ikhalik instead of men fadlek, etc.

Prayer: Undertake most prayers on time and in the mosque even during work hours. Shops are closed during prayer times and on Friday.

Mosque-building: Help collect money to build mosques everywhere.

Zakat Collection: Help collect zakat (Islamic tax of 10% of annual gain) and use the money to help the poor pay for education, health or start a business.

Food distribution: Organise collective fast-breaking (iftar) during Ramadan and distribute free rams to the needy for the Feast of Sacrifice (3id al-ad7a).

Open Koranic schools: Help collect money for opening Koranic schools to allow children to get free education and religious orientation and advice from able religious sheikhs, whose only aim in life is the glory of Islam and the spread of its rightful word.


In Maghreb, an irresistible tug of religion and tradition – Your Middle East

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