And we were surprised for what happened in Cologne?… 

Much like Reham Saeed tried to shift the blame onto the woman harassed at the mall, television host Tamer Amin blamed the victim of the assault for her attire, which he likened to that of a belly dancer. “These clothes are not appropriate for university or a respectable girl,” Amin said on his show. His victim-blaming then turned into attempts to exonerate the assailants: They did not mean any harm, they are young men with overwhelming sexual desires and life is difficult for young men in Egypt, he said. Sexual harassment in Egypt has become rampant in recent years. A 2013 survey reported that a whopping 99.3 percent of Egyptian women have experienced some form of sexual harassment, while 96.5 percent reported experiencing physical sexual harassment and 95.5 percent reported experiencing sexual harassment through verbally abusive language. Last month, anti-harassment NGO “Shoft Ta7arosh” (I Saw Harassment) reported over 200 incidents of sexual harassment in downtown Cairo during the first two days of the Eid al-Adha holiday. Earlier this year, police forces arrested 84 individuals during the first two days of Eid Al-Fitr for sexual harassment.


Infamous TV Presenter Faces Public Outrage After Airing Pictures Of Harrasment Victim | Egyptian Streets

You can evaluate the indecency of the victim’s attire in the pic on the right. I find Mrs. Saeed more provocative, if you ask me.


Yeah people, there are idiots like this one airing their mental shit while running prime-time shows in other TV’s out of the US.

And then what can you expect from a society where women themselves play this role? The only thing you can expect is legions of young monkeys behaving as they did in Cologne during last New Year’s eve. And it’s not a religious thing…. it’s social morals. 

Btw,… Reham Saeed was condemned to 6 months in jail for the airing of these pictures.

The man who slapped the victim got 1 month instead. 

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