Muslim men, you owe women their rights – and the Quran says so. Don’t forget that.

Quite simply, in being your intellectual, spiritual and social equals, we recognise the immensity of the paradox that some of you continue to propagate. Despite your fervent attempts to use mistranslations and misinterpretations of scripture and tradition to satisfy your desires, we don’t believe you. We do not need strengthening, we need recognition of the different forms our strength comes in.This is an injustice at one end of the same spectrum that groups like Isis operate on. And for those of you who do not actively enforce this injustice, by remaining complicit in the shackling of even one woman, you are shackling all of us. How can a society progress if half of it is chained?


An open letter to Muslim men from an angry Muslim woman | Voices | The Independent



I remember reading the New Testament, and how St. Paul used to say that women must remain silent and “invisible” during the mass. Still… I was never taught such a thing during my religious education. Same as I was not educated in many parts of the Old Testament which state rules that were changed by Jesus and apparently revived by Muhammad. That doesn’t mean at all that Catholic Church treats women equally. There’s still a long way to run in that sense, and traditions like the ones preached by Paul of Tarsus have been alive until not so many decades ago.

Still… forbiding women the entrance to the temple is just an absurd choice that even “conservative” institutions such as Roman Catholic church have never dared to consider.

It’s too stupid,…. too non-sensible.

But well…. what can you expèct?.  

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