Perks of traveling alone

Irony of life


I was working and studying 22 hours a day, I barely got time to relax or even breathe properly. I needed a vacation. So I asked my friends, my cousins if they would want to go on a vacation. Everyone was busy with their lives.

I have never traveled alone. But I made a rational decision and decided to go on a vacation on my own. That was the best decision ever.

The first obstacle was to convince my parents that I was going with a friend, because they would never be happy if i was traveling alone. So I told them I was going with my bestfriend.
Since I’m from Pakistan, traveling alone anywhere is a big deal.
So I got on that plane to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, embarking on a journey no one really knew the truth about.

So I got an apartment on the 31st floor on…

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