Kurdistan… why…. or why not?… and how… and how not?

In respect to regaining the Kurdish Homeland, ISIS / DA’ESH was a gift from heaven as the Kurds are now controlling everything what is rightfully theirs and what the Arabs would never ever have given them. The main reason why the disputed territory question was never resolved is:

The Arabs, the Assyrians and the Turkomans are utterly terrified by the idea to belong to Kurdistan. They fear the Kurds would discriminate against them (which is not so off if you consider that the KDP-part of Iraqi Kurdistan failed to properly protect the Christians, Yezidis and other religious minorities when the Islamic State attacked Kurdistan).

Now that most of the disputed territories are in Kurdish hands, the Kurds are in a much better negotiating position. In the meantime the Iraqi Kurds need to show that the actually mean when they say they are the natural protector of ethno- & religious minorities.

In this respect the Iraqi Kurds can learn from Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan) how to govern the newly conquered Disputed Territories, as PYD leaders have worked to create a system of inclusion that works to preserve the diversity of Syrian Kurdistan and maintain a spirit of tolerance in Rojava and Syria. This is why the PYD has reached out to the Arab, Armenian, Assyrian, and Turkoman communities of Syrian Kurdistan to also represent their interests and to be their movement too.


Why should Kurdistan become an independent country?



This is a deffinitely interesting answer… worth reading, in my opinion.

This said, with all the limitations and reserves that prudence advices…  I wish some day they have their place to live in safety and prosperity, same as every other people.

Biji Kurdistan!

“Iranian New wave” threats Israel’s future “as they (only they) imagine it”

Obviously, the Supreme Guide, Ali Khamenei, decided that I was right and has quietly disposed of this clown (Ahmedineyadh) .Worse, he has reaffirmed his deadly enmity to the Zionist Entity by pushing forward a person like Hassan Rouhani.

Rouhani is the very opposite of his predecessor. If the Mossad had been asked to sketch the worst possible Iranian leader Israel could imagine, they would have come up with someone like him.An Iranian who recognizes and condemns the Holocaust! An Iranian man who offers sweetness and light! An Iranian who wishes peace and friendship on all nations – even hinting that Israel could be included, if only we give up the occupied Palestinian territories!Could you imagine anything worse?

via The Real Bomb – Gush Shalom

 Israeli Peace Bloc


Former King of Jordan, Hussein, same as former President of Egypt, Anuar Al-saddat, understood soon that the best way to handcuff Israel’s expansionism was to stop giving them “excuses” to “defend themselves”.

And since then, both, Egypt and Jordan had other troubles to manage than getting territorially and militarely involved in a sempiternal regional conflict with the European jewish immigrants who settled in Holy Land, and created their own State, (despite the fact there were also other people living in the neighbourhood, and despite the fact Egyptian, Jordan, Syrian… had their own agendas to incorporate those stateless territories). 

Now, Rouhani has done exactly what Ben Gurion would have hated the most, if he was still ruling Eretz Israel: He has started movements to stop being a regional bad guy.

 And just to start, he offered to talk abt ways to negotiate a stop on their nuke projects, but not only that, as it’s been said in the article in Rouhani we find:

An Iranian who recognizes and condemns the Holocaust! An Iranian man who offers sweetness and light! An Iranian who wishes peace and friendship on all nations – even hinting that Israel could be included, if only we give up the occupied Palestinian territories!

He learnt a lesson that now is teaching the world: “Be water, my friend, and keep moving forward”.

He even had to suffer the insults and the shoe thrown at him by a hardline demonstrator rejecting his approaching policies. 

Ghandi, Yoda, Sun-Tzu and Bruce Lee would applaud the movement wherever they are. 

Terrifying, uh? …if you add the fact that Syrian chemical weaponry is going to vanish under UN control… Israelis can only seat and wait for the world to start also asking them to set down their own nukes and chemical mass destruction arsenal,… mostly for being useless against nations who have not WMD’s threating them. 

Then, according to my own experience with israelis, (and mostly with zionists…) the world will discover in astonishment that these middle eastern europeans prefer to remain inside the walls of their self-built moral ghetto.

And will face the whole world’s requests to disarm themselves. 

Yes, I said Middle Eastern Europeans, as this is how we saw Israelis for decades, and this is why almost no one  rejects the fact that they participate in european sports championships on football, basketball, etc… while Lebanese, Syrians, Moroccans Tunisians or Algerians don’t. Because these ones are not ethnically europeans (how would you call this fact?) .

In fact, that will be the first they will loose: To be recognised in european sports institutions as “one of ours”.

It will be like a first sign of the “new wave of global antisemitism” that we’ll hear about, specially from US conservative media, thru plenty of movies, TV series, remakes of Holocaust and Exodus, articles and videos, advertising campaigns,  “newborn christian preaching … 

That if they don’t find a new excuse to make a new war first… of course, because there’s a lesson we learnt long ago, in history:

Never say never again. 

At least by now Rouhani is making Iran win this moral duel. And I like him changing the rules of the game.

Good night world.

War… what’s it useful for? (… ask The Boss… yeah… Bruce. He also knows the answer)

What will happen now to the chemical weapons? I don’t really care very much. I thought from the beginning that the hysteria about them was vastly overblown. Assad is quite capable of committing all the atrocities he wants without poison gas.It should be remembered why his father produced this gas in the first place. He believed that Israel was developing nuclear weapons. Not being able to aspire to such expensive and technically advanced devices himself, he settled for much cheaper chemical and biological weapons as a deterrent. According to a secret 1982 CIA report, Israel was producing such weapons itself.So now we are in for a long process of negotiations, mutual recriminations, inspections, transfers of materials, and so on. Good for many months, if not years.In the meantime, no American intervention. No regional war. Just the usual mutual bloodletting in Syria.ISRAEL IS furious. Obama is a wimp. A coward. How dare he listen to American public opinion? Who will ever believe him again?After this red line was crossed, who will believe in the much broader line Obama has drawn in the sands of Iran?Frankly, nobody. But not because of Syria.There is absolutely no similarity between the situation in Syria and in Iran. Even if the “limited” action had led to a bigger operation, as was quite possible, it would still have been a small war with little effect on American national interests. A war with Iran is a very different matter.As I have written many times before, a war with Iran would immediately lead to the closure of the Strait of Hormuz, a world-wide oil crisis, a global economic catastrophe with unimaginable consequences.I repeat: there will be no American – and no Israeli – attack on Iran. Period.

via A Good War – Gush Shalom

Israeli Peace Bloc


Nothing to add.

Click the link, read the article… and u r reading my mind too.

Now back to check news abt Fukushima… ah wait… they just chose that country for 2020 Olympics uh? …. geeez.

Hey wait…. turns out persians are NORMAL PEOPLE TOO!

Of course, it would be a mistake to assume that traditional values have completely vanished. Iran’s patriarchal culture is still strong, and orthodox values are still maintained by traditional social classes, particularly in provincial towns and villages. But at the same time, it would also be a mistake to assume that sexual liberalization has only gained momentum among the urban middle classes.

So what is driving Iran’s sexual revolution? There are a number of potential explanations, including economic factors, urbanization, new communication tools, and the emergence of a highly educated female population — all of which are probably partly responsible for changing attitudes toward sex. At the same time, however, most of these factors are at play in other countries in the region that are not experiencing analogous transitions. (Indeed, a wave of social conservatism is sweeping much of the Middle East, while Iran moves in the opposite direction.) So what is different in Iran? Paradoxically, it is the puritanical state — rigid, out of touch, and dedicated to combating “vice” and promoting “virtue” — that seems to be powering Iran’s emergent liberal streak.

Erotic Republic – By Afshin Shahi

Foreign Policy.

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…ACTION…..REACTION!… what did you expect. Men and women are men and women everywhere. Some day the whole world will notice. Now I just hope that this social change spreads all over middle east as succesfully as theocracy and conservativism did. Amen.

And yes…. I know Persians are not Arabs (they will be the first in pointing it out) … but well, I guess persian women suffered a bit of what arab women do, to know what it means to be a middle east female.