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A whole generation ageing before time…

Levant woman

Is the world a good place to stay in?

I’d say Yes without hesitation, I don’t know how it works but I try to see the potentials in every situation I see. I don’t know why I was born in an educated family which believes in women rights and why other people were not. I do not understand its logic but it is our job to spread the word and change the world somehow.

Today I was with a friend in a business trip in a remote city, where there are few Syrian refugees. We were having tea after a long day in a café when he saw a boy he knew when he worked in a camp. The boy rushed to him and hugged him, he was very happy to see him. “Why don’t you come anymore!” he said “I missed you very much”. He was speaking in a…

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Trump, ISIL, and its Escalating Brutality

I can only admire this people… And also feel afraid for them and their anger when it’s liberated

Mosul Eye

As we are living under siege in a city where one of the most violent wars is taking place in modern history, the war the Iraqi military and the people of Mosul are fighting against the caliphate state, we watched the US elections very closely. I was anticipating Trump’s winning; it was very obvious. Clinton’s chances to win the presidency against Trump were very slim despite all speculations of her winning, as the current circumstances, nationally and globally, seemed to be fit for Trump. This election is clear proof that the American people are directly affected by Obama’s foreign policy, and I believe that this election urges the American intellect to think clearly and revisit “Brixit” and Trump phenomena, and closely review how the events unfold during the Obama era.

But many Mosulis are asking: how is Clinton’s or Trump’s winning going to affect Mosul’s liberation? And how will the…

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“Visit Tartous” or “I Have Won the War”

Sweden and the Middle East Views


The Release of the “Syria Always Beautiful” video is not brand new, it was released on August 30 by the Syrian Ministry of Tourism, but it sent out signals that is still accurate. Messages about happy people in regime controlled areas, enjoying life as if the year was 2010 and there was no war anywhere; partying, celebrating, riding water scooters and swimming in crystal blue water, sends out the message that the regime are regaining confidence about winning the war.

For a long time, Assad and his allies were denying that a war was ongoing at all. In central Damascus, young people were still partying, singing karaoke despite the distant sounds of mortars and shelling from the suburbs. The public TV channels still aired soap operas and broadcasted news about the president visiting local areas where people happily threw flowers at hime and his wife.

Then in 2013…

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Perks of traveling alone

Irony of life


I was working and studying 22 hours a day, I barely got time to relax or even breathe properly. I needed a vacation. So I asked my friends, my cousins if they would want to go on a vacation. Everyone was busy with their lives.

I have never traveled alone. But I made a rational decision and decided to go on a vacation on my own. That was the best decision ever.

The first obstacle was to convince my parents that I was going with a friend, because they would never be happy if i was traveling alone. So I told them I was going with my bestfriend.
Since I’m from Pakistan, traveling alone anywhere is a big deal.
So I got on that plane to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, embarking on a journey no one really knew the truth about.

So I got an apartment on the 31st floor on…

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Another must read… still after two years.

And let’s face the grim truth: There is no evidence whatever that Islam in its various political forms is compatible with modern democracy. From Afghanistan under the Taliban to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, and from Iran to Sudan, there is no Islamist entity that can be said to be democratic, just or a practitioner of good governance. The short rule of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt under the presidency of Mohamed Morsi was no exception. The Brotherhood tried to monopolize power, hound and intimidate the opposition and was driving the country toward a dangerous impasse before a violent military coup ended the brief experimentation with Islamist rule.Like the Islamists, the Arab nationalists—particularly the Baathists—were also fixated on a “renaissance” of past Arab greatness, which had once flourished in the famed cities of Damascus, Baghdad, Cairo and Córdoba in Al-Andalus, now Spain. These nationalists believed that Arab language and culture (and to a lesser extent Islam) were enough to unite disparate entities with different levels of social, political and cultural development. They were in denial that they lived in a far more diverse world.


The Barbarians Within Our Gates – Hisham Melhem – POLITICO Magazine



“We were also suspended and got a couple of videos removed over a month ago. The new thing we have noticed is that pictures/videos can now be removed by Facebook even if they follow the so called community standards. This is scary because soon we will not be able to post anything, it seems. So yes we do believe Facebook’s pro-Israel policy is tightening the noose around our freedom of speech.”

Facebook censors cartoon critical of Israel

The Palestine Information Center (PIC), an independent Palestinian news website and network had their Facebook page temporarily suspended for publishing a 2009 cartoon by Brazilian political cartoonist Carlos Latuff. The graphic shows a woman walking and carrying a wounded child in front of an Israeli flag with one of the blue banners of the flag covering her mouth. Latuff’s text issued a warning:…

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