Witnesses from a society falling apart. The view from a neutral western eye.


Bearing Witness: A Canadian doctor in Syria | The Current with Anna Maria Tremonti | CBC Radio.

A neat, a-political, neutral approach to the desperate situation for displaced and refugees inside Syria, in an environment where everything is crashing down. Bravo for them.

They do what they are supposed to do: Help.

No discourse, no moral lessons, nothing else.

Looking at the victims point of view.

Not saying it was this, it was that, or because of this or because of that.

A doctor at work, whoever she has in hands. Period.

Simply Bravo.

6 thoughts on “Witnesses from a society falling apart. The view from a neutral western eye.

    • I guessed active voices could say more than sitting me and tell it better. Honestly, MSF is one of my most respected NGO’s and the way this lady told how they are intervening in such a disastrious scenario (diplomacy, contention, yet involvement and personal approach) made it perfect to be shared in here… deffinitely an example of how to do things right intervening as an NGO.

      • I couldn’t agree more. And photos, I always find have such an impact when trying to spread a message. The one where the doctor is holding a baby blew me away – imagine giving birth in a war zone!

      • In this case it’s not only a war zone… it’s a civil war, a change of regime, a change of social model, and uncertainyt that may affects those ppl’s lives for decades. Just check what’s been life on exile for palestinians… and which are the options when these refugees dunno what will be worst, if leaving or staying…

      • Well stated. These conflicts are forcing so much change, violence, and hardship on citizens that I don’t know how people can actually live through this. Perhaps it’s from my growing up in a comfortable country (Canada). Seeing photos of everyday life in both countries right now drives me crazy – how do people live like this? Why aren’t more people upset about it? Questions for a whole other post, I think!

      • we won’t intervene for Assad, for obvious reasons, as far as he brutal response on initial protests, which were peaceful made it impossible to have any friend among our govts. Then it’s the other side, truffled with beardies like those who killed US ambassador in Lybia… that night they gave a death sentence for many syrians knowing that the west would not risk to intervene again… add the influence from Iran, Russia, China, etc….. and there’s ur answer. Realpolitik.

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