“Iranian New wave” threats Israel’s future “as they (only they) imagine it”

Obviously, the Supreme Guide, Ali Khamenei, decided that I was right and has quietly disposed of this clown (Ahmedineyadh) .Worse, he has reaffirmed his deadly enmity to the Zionist Entity by pushing forward a person like Hassan Rouhani.

Rouhani is the very opposite of his predecessor. If the Mossad had been asked to sketch the worst possible Iranian leader Israel could imagine, they would have come up with someone like him.An Iranian who recognizes and condemns the Holocaust! An Iranian man who offers sweetness and light! An Iranian who wishes peace and friendship on all nations – even hinting that Israel could be included, if only we give up the occupied Palestinian territories!Could you imagine anything worse?

via The Real Bomb – Gush Shalom

 Israeli Peace Bloc


Former King of Jordan, Hussein, same as former President of Egypt, Anuar Al-saddat, understood soon that the best way to handcuff Israel’s expansionism was to stop giving them “excuses” to “defend themselves”.

And since then, both, Egypt and Jordan had other troubles to manage than getting territorially and militarely involved in a sempiternal regional conflict with the European jewish immigrants who settled in Holy Land, and created their own State, (despite the fact there were also other people living in the neighbourhood, and despite the fact Egyptian, Jordan, Syrian… had their own agendas to incorporate those stateless territories). 

Now, Rouhani has done exactly what Ben Gurion would have hated the most, if he was still ruling Eretz Israel: He has started movements to stop being a regional bad guy.

 And just to start, he offered to talk abt ways to negotiate a stop on their nuke projects, but not only that, as it’s been said in the article in Rouhani we find:

An Iranian who recognizes and condemns the Holocaust! An Iranian man who offers sweetness and light! An Iranian who wishes peace and friendship on all nations – even hinting that Israel could be included, if only we give up the occupied Palestinian territories!

He learnt a lesson that now is teaching the world: “Be water, my friend, and keep moving forward”.

He even had to suffer the insults and the shoe thrown at him by a hardline demonstrator rejecting his approaching policies. 

Ghandi, Yoda, Sun-Tzu and Bruce Lee would applaud the movement wherever they are. 

Terrifying, uh? …if you add the fact that Syrian chemical weaponry is going to vanish under UN control… Israelis can only seat and wait for the world to start also asking them to set down their own nukes and chemical mass destruction arsenal,… mostly for being useless against nations who have not WMD’s threating them. 

Then, according to my own experience with israelis, (and mostly with zionists…) the world will discover in astonishment that these middle eastern europeans prefer to remain inside the walls of their self-built moral ghetto.

And will face the whole world’s requests to disarm themselves. 

Yes, I said Middle Eastern Europeans, as this is how we saw Israelis for decades, and this is why almost no one  rejects the fact that they participate in european sports championships on football, basketball, etc… while Lebanese, Syrians, Moroccans Tunisians or Algerians don’t. Because these ones are not ethnically europeans (how would you call this fact?) .

In fact, that will be the first they will loose: To be recognised in european sports institutions as “one of ours”.

It will be like a first sign of the “new wave of global antisemitism” that we’ll hear about, specially from US conservative media, thru plenty of movies, TV series, remakes of Holocaust and Exodus, articles and videos, advertising campaigns,  “newborn christian preaching … 

That if they don’t find a new excuse to make a new war first… of course, because there’s a lesson we learnt long ago, in history:

Never say never again. 

At least by now Rouhani is making Iran win this moral duel. And I like him changing the rules of the game.

Good night world.

So now… unable to fight islamists and the regime and to keep kurds under your banner…. what’s the moderate FSA plan for tomorrow?

“For us, it is extremely dangerous even just to move around. We are civilians, without any military escort when we travel. The areas in the countryside of Aleppo and Idlib have become a no-man’s-land, and the slightest suspicion is enough to get you killed by the men of ISIS.”

According to Wassim, however, the real problem is not al-Qaeda, but the ever-widening rift with the FSA. An activist living in Aleppo, Wassim explained, “When the revolution started, we used to sing ‘One, one, one. The Syrian people are one.’ Nowadays, the most popular song goes like this: ‘Alawites wait for us! We are coming to slaughter you! We will cut your throats.’ The activists abroad will tell you that it is not true, that we are a moderate people and sectarianism will not prevail. But this is true only of us civilians, not for those who fight.

“Well half of the fighters in the FSA believe they are fighting a war against the Alawites, and more generally against the Shiites, as a result of Bashar’s alliances with Iran and Hezbollah. They are simple young men, from the poorer classes. They have no education, and the weapons have gone to their heads. They have become cruel. Killing has become ordinary. They only want their enemy’s blood. We took to the streets for freedom and dignity, not to substitute the regime with another regime just as bloodthirsty.”

via Al-Qaeda’s Latest Target: Syria’s Civilian Activists

– Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East.


If I was imagining a way to fix the situation…. I’d accept Syrian Govt. ceasefire offer, as far as military action will lead to nothing in terms of any advantage. Then I’d push international actors into pressing Assad to change the regime and eventually release power.

By diplomacy, yes. Desperate situations can bring surprising situations.

Of course next step, even prior to achieve a change of regime, would b all together with full UN support crushing the angry beards.

And being realistic… no one can expect a change of regime criminalising those who worked for dictatorship. It would have the same effect than ousting sunnis from institutions, army, etc … in Iraq. Change in Spain came from within the Dictatorial regime we had until 1975.

Same happened in South America, South Korea, Taiwan, and many other places. And proved to be the only way to make change work.

A typically arab “honorable revenge” spirit will be as useless as all that blood spilled in vain.


Dubai Tragedies: Based on real life accounts

Meanwhile, in earthling paradise….

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I know a lot of people that live outside of Dubai think that life here is absolutely hunky-dory. Well, I’ll tell you what – it’s not! Us Dubai-ans are plagued by our own set of problems, stuff that people from the outside couldn’t even fathom.

Inspired by the First World Problems series, may I present my own take on these issues that hound us – Dubai Tragedies: Based on real life accounts.

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Dear muslim friends: I was thinking about Anti-Islamism tonight.

In the last days, Boko Haram has killed 142 people in attacks in Nigeria, while more than 60 people were killed yesterday in a funeral bombing in Sadr City (Iraq), and some 75 ppl died in Pakistan after they bombed one of the very few churches in that country, and of course, news of today tell us how Al-Shebap somali islamist militias have killed more than 65 people in an attack against customers of a mall in Kenia… and now Kenian and Israeli soldiers are trying to finish them before they kill the rest of the kidnapped terrorised innocent customers. (Apparently they let muslims get away and killed or retained the rest). Some annalists say this bloodshed only works in increasing their numbers.

All this has happened in…3 days?…. and I am sure the list is widely extensive, not talking abt Egypt, Turkey, Syria,… and many other places. 

I can be absolutely sure that all these guys were smiling and shouting Allahu Akhbar while carrying on these actions. All of them.

My dear muslim friends: I am starting to have enough.

I tend to be conciliatory and try to keep cold mind and remember that a huge majority of you are very normal people who would not kill a fly, same as most non-muslims.

But I am having enough. Enough of fake sorrow. Enough of fake condolence expressed by words but not by actions. Am having enough of hearing that all this is caused by CIA, Israel, and whatever… when we all know that all those crazy bastards who smile while killing in the name of their God have been taught and inspired by imams in mosques, in madrasas, in charity associations, with verses of the same Qur’an you pray with.

And you do NOTHING.


You do nothing to stop this bloodshed. To expulse those who recruit young guys and brainwash them to send them to fulfill Death’s plan.

You do nothing against those who appear to be the main brake for the social, cultural and historical development of every muslim nation. Many of you just complain that all this is orchestrated by US, Israel and whatever,… turning a blind eye to the fact that every trigger, every button, every mobile, every carbomb, every throat-cutting knife,…. has been managed by the hand of a so-called devote muslim who killed, or died killing, and shouting…  Allahu Akhbar.

… and you will do NOTHING about it.

You will say that they are not real muslims, that they are mistaking islam and you will complain abt it but you will do nothing, except eventually blame US, Israel, Russia or eventually the Gulf monarchs, or start a dissertation about different islamic sects, kinds, schools, approaches, cultures, ethnias….

Today I heard someone around here, saying in full anger abt muslims… “they should be all killed… all of them,…. just in case.” ..and also “bit by bit they are adding reason to the ways of israelis.”

The one who said this is not an american redneck retard. He is not an incult.

His level of tolerance for islam is simply reaching zero.

Mine is not as that…. mostly because I know many of you, my dear muslim friends, and I know that for you, as for most muslims, Islam is a way for peace. But we are starting to have enough of perceiving such inaction in muslims. Even if it was to clean the name of their belief, against those among them who stain their faith and its supposed values.






Or we, same as happened in the Middle Ages, will also end up developing those ideas about (un)holy wars, something we have massively abstained of doing all over developed countries, you know?

For everyone’s sake, it’s you who must evolve, once for all. Before we go back with you. Because idiocy is extremely contagious. 

The cause for war (FOR ALL WARS, STUPID!) is politics, territory, resources, power… SO KEEP IT AS THAT. And stop teaching people that it’s because God is great. That simply ashames God more than anything.


Clean your own mess, instead of looking for someone to complain for it. 

Aleppo Screams S.O.S.

It’s not bombs what will stop this hell…. in aleppo, in amascus, in Seidnaya, Ma’loula, Homs, Hama, …. everywhere. IT WON’T BE BOMBS. BUT CONSTRUCTIVE AND DIPLOMATIC ACTIONS ARE NEEDED!!!! … EVEN IF IT MEANS TO FORCE BOTH SIDES TO SEAT AND TALK, OR BE ABANDONED AND CRUSHED!!

Sweden and the Middle East Views

Aleppo Screams SoS pic

So now the world is discussing whether the international community should intervene in Syria after the latest chemical attacks that the regime brought on its people. I can’t launch a clear opinion in this issue, because I’m not sure an international military intervention would bring less suffering to the Syrian people – but assistance of some kind seems to be needed since the revolt has escalated into civil war, with human rights abuses reported from both sides. But what the world show know is, many of the Syrian people have been asking for help for a long time, before the conflict steered towards total chaos.

The ancient city of Aleppo, once a beautiful green city in the northern part of the country, is now one of the most destroyed cities in the world. Eager to crack down on the uprising, the Syrian government has bombed the city to pieces…

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War… what’s it useful for? (… ask The Boss… yeah… Bruce. He also knows the answer)

What will happen now to the chemical weapons? I don’t really care very much. I thought from the beginning that the hysteria about them was vastly overblown. Assad is quite capable of committing all the atrocities he wants without poison gas.It should be remembered why his father produced this gas in the first place. He believed that Israel was developing nuclear weapons. Not being able to aspire to such expensive and technically advanced devices himself, he settled for much cheaper chemical and biological weapons as a deterrent. According to a secret 1982 CIA report, Israel was producing such weapons itself.So now we are in for a long process of negotiations, mutual recriminations, inspections, transfers of materials, and so on. Good for many months, if not years.In the meantime, no American intervention. No regional war. Just the usual mutual bloodletting in Syria.ISRAEL IS furious. Obama is a wimp. A coward. How dare he listen to American public opinion? Who will ever believe him again?After this red line was crossed, who will believe in the much broader line Obama has drawn in the sands of Iran?Frankly, nobody. But not because of Syria.There is absolutely no similarity between the situation in Syria and in Iran. Even if the “limited” action had led to a bigger operation, as was quite possible, it would still have been a small war with little effect on American national interests. A war with Iran is a very different matter.As I have written many times before, a war with Iran would immediately lead to the closure of the Strait of Hormuz, a world-wide oil crisis, a global economic catastrophe with unimaginable consequences.I repeat: there will be no American – and no Israeli – attack on Iran. Period.

via A Good War – Gush Shalom

Israeli Peace Bloc


Nothing to add.

Click the link, read the article… and u r reading my mind too.

Now back to check news abt Fukushima… ah wait… they just chose that country for 2020 Olympics uh? …. geeez.

Egypt needs its women back on the frontline… well… all Middle East does!

The security vacuum created by the collapse of the Mubarak regime not only enabled men with sick attitudes to women to roam the streets with relative impunity, it also unleashed the use of sexual violence as a political weapon to intimidate women from joining the uprising.This weapon of mass degradation has been employed to varying degrees by Egypt’s various leaders over the past two and a half years, from assaults and rapes on Tahrir Square to “virginity tests”.Although this has succeeded to some extent, many women have refused to be cowed and admirably still continue to play prominent roles in Egypt’s revolution, both for collective freedom and their own. Women have even braved further assault to protest against sexual harassment, while a number of campaigns have been launched to protect women attending demonstrations, such as OpAntiSh, and to monitor and combat the phenomenon, such as HarassMap.One recent attempt to reclaim the streets, ‘Hanelbes Fasateen‘, urged women to go out in dresses in defiance of harassers. Using old black-and-white images of elegant young Egyptian women in summer dresses strolling unharassed down the street, the campaign employed a certain amount of nostalgia for a lost Egypt of greater social freedom.

via Egypt’s underground sisterhood

 The Chronikler.

110424_Pages from beach_proof_2

(Egyptian women sunbathing in Alexandria, 1959 )

Bigger hope of modernisation and progress for Middle East may come INVARIABLY through women’s involvement in change.

It’s something perfectly understood by rulers in all these lands, and because of this it’s women who suffer specially the oppressing and judgemental views of those societies, where men can perfectly be dressed in a western way without being considered, at least “decadent” if not indecent or immoral. 

In late 1950’s, Nasser was pushing the pan-arabist movement and as far as women’s liberation was considered a symptome of western colonialist influence, it was everything but promoted.

Also islamists reacted to Nasser’s hostility vs the Muslim Brotherhood by repressing women’s freedom on dressing codes, repeating the same reactionist scenario that could have happened in other Middle East countries, even in Saudi Arabia, Iran or Afghanistan, where pictures of women around the late 50’s until mid 70’s give us a very different view on how things could have been.

When I was in Cairo I saw many pics of this period, when streets were clean and the city could compete with every other mediterranean european capital… and women looked like every other free woman in the world. Oum Khaltoum packed theaters in Paris and Egypt was a cultural avantgarde for arab language and arts.

Today, nothing is left of that, except many nostalgic pics in walls of many cafeterias, and the pages created by the chronists of a lost time, such as Taha Hussein, Yusuf Idris or Naguib Mahfouz. 

Maybe just one on every ten women I saw in Cairo streets on Aug’08 were unveiled, and men looked quite disrespectfully at those who weren’t “properly dressed” … this kind of behaviour was what ruined completely my view of that nation.

Now looking at this pic of women in Ishkenderiyah (Alexandria) in 1959, I can see my mother in them.

And there’s nothing indecent, immoral or disrespectful in my mother, whatever she wore in late 1950’s on a beach. That’s a lesson that will be learnt maybe by the grandchildren of this generation of arabs. Insh’Allah.