Shame in the Temple Mount.

About secular Jews: ”Take revenge against the secular. Take revenge against the secularism which has landed this disaster upon us (the 2005 Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip). Their culture is a culture of death. It’s a culture in advanced stages of decay.”

About pilgrimage to Temple Mount: Passover sacrifice must be renewed on Temple Mount. Jews are obliged to ascend Temple Mount. Those avoiding this obligation risk ”death by heaven,” and bring harm on the entire world.

About homosexuality: ”These relationships are opposed to life and those who don’t bring life, bring death. Many diseases have resulted from such relationships. This disease must be cured.”

About renting apartments to Arabs: ”The Bible forbids selling a house or a field in the Land of Israel to a non-Jew. As is well known, following a sale or rental of one apartment, the value of the other apartments goes down. Anyone who sells to a goy (gentile) should be blacklisted.”

And it goes on and on, a collection of defamatory sayings and rulings reflecting a hatred of fellow men. The attorney general will now have to decide whether Eliyahu’s statements preclude his running for the post.

The existence of such venom-spewing rabbis in the Israeli public should come as no surprise. We have long known that our clerics find it hard to practice what they preach — that “decency precedes the Torah” (Midrash Leviticus Rabbah 9:3).

via Israeli Chief Rabbi Candidate Supports Ascending Temple Mount



My religion (as I am a Roman Catholic Christian) descends from the judaic tradition, same as islam does. But it was for people like this that we, christians, believe that God had to come upon us to tell us things directly… because those who were proud of calling themselves His guys were telling it wrong. Deeply wrong. 

Not to say that my beloved and rotten church has many differences with these modern day Phariseans…and same applies to many other christian congregations and beliefs. But our religion preaches in detail the basis for a way of life that is contrary to these teachings… and many others, promoted even by church itself, and not by Gospel. 

I always said that when a house is dirty or in trouble, the best way to fix it is to work on it, not to get out and point a finger shouting “IT’S DIRTY!!!” … same applies to jews, in my opinion, when it comes to follow these guys. And same goes for muslims following the hate speech of many imams…. and buddhists in Myanmar and Thailand…. and hinduists, … if ALL our religions preach PEACE, RESPECT AND GOOD WILL as their core LIFE GUIDELINES … why we all have to hear this message of hate, disrespect, power grieve and supremacy? …

It’s all in OUR hands. And it’s not necessary to get out of our house to clean it.

It’s our house, after all.

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