Are Israelis afraid of abandoning their moral and political Ghetto, maybe?

But that, Israeli readers will tell me, is the prejudiced view of the outsider. What looks from abroad like a self-indulgent, wayward country – delinquent in its international obligations and resentfully indifferent to world opinion – is simply an independent little state doing what it has always done: looking after its own interests in an inhospitable part of the globe. Why should embattled Israel even acknowledge such foreign criticism, much less act upon it? They – gentiles, Muslims, leftists – have reasons of their own for disliking Israel. They – Europeans, Arabs, fascists – have always singled out Israel for special criticism. Their motives are timeless. They haven’t changed. Why should Israel change?But they have changed. And it is this change, which has passed largely unrecognized within Israel, to which I want to draw attention here.

via Israel News

– Haaretz-



…no need for further comment. The article from Haaretz is simply brilliant. If you can’t access, for whatever the reason, tell me and I’ll download a copy. 

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