I’m not completely out of here! ;)

I hope someone out there noticed I’ve been silent now for a while… November was almost an unproductive month in terms of posting my links and the (interesting) stuff I find here and there and everywhere!

So maybe some of you will imagine I’m getting bored or tired or whatever.

Fact is… I’m being ultra-busy with MOOCS. Yes,….. massive online university courses. I have no idea about the reason but many interesting ones on Humanities and teaching came all together in this final time of the year, and even when I find time to read and keep updated on many issues, I can’t find the way or the time to materialize them in decent posts.

News keep flowing about the Palestisraeli highway to hell, about Kurds hitting back the Angry Beards in Kobane and managing to keep Kirkuk, while the Iraqi Army finds out they miss 50000 soldiers to face the same Daesh that threats Baghdad, news also appear about Erdogan, the new sultan in his grand palace, filing his mouth with his feet once and again, while giving lessons on historical fiction or about feminine values.

Unfortunately, since most of the pro-democracy Syrian revolutionaries inside Syria have been killed, exiled, or absorbed by this Islamist gang or the other, or simply suppressed by the regime, there are not many news flowing into the international media, out of the Kurdish victories in Rojava. I hope some Levantine friend shares some news some time from her side as well. I wish they are good news. For her and her people.

I also know about my beloved saudi ladies moving forward here and there… and i read read read… but can’t find much time to stop reading and post! …geez.

Anyway… many news happening, many facts to know about…. and many lessons and videos and tests, on History, Philosophy, Geopolitics, Archaeology, English Teaching… too many things I find important to learn about. 


My hopes are weak but…. I wish you’ll wait for me!



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