Niqab, or the visible anihillation of the femenine relevance in the world.

Through fear of the sword or through promise of eternal torment they spread their regressive ways. Over time we found another reason to abhor each other, to feel divided, to openly judge our own. The foreign culture we adopted didn’t play well with our own, for it insisted in its dark perfection while clashing with our own light. Whenever I travel from Pakistan I feel a melancholy that slowly hums in my heart overseas until it reaches full tempo when I return home. Other countries hold dear their customs and honour the old roots from which they rose with tolerance and diversity. Pakistan, on the other hand, has turned into a claustrophobic cultural mute.


Our national dress is the shalwar kameez, not the niqab – The Express Tribune Blog



Dark, black, unnatural and anonymous niqabs… maybe one of the worst consequences of Iran’s Islamic Revolution in the 1970’s, affecting the normal daily routine of girls and women in many places of the world.

Women taught to become invisible for the sake of… well… add your excuse here.

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