hey wait,….. nominée?…c’est moi?…. c’monnnn

ok so…. I’ve been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award. I am a newbie on blogging and I don’t really nhave a clue abt wth it means to be a versatile blogger and even less to get awarded for it …… BUT…. there’s always a first time for everything, they say, so…. let’s check 

the rules of the competition:


1) Add The Versatile Blogger award photo on a blog post:

and here it is:     Image

2) Thank the person (or animal) who presented you with the award and link back to him or her in your post:

So the one who offered me the award was Mr. Sreejit Poole, who can be really proud of making our minds get a bit away from the usual vision of life’s surface, flying a bit through his fantastic blog: http://ofmindormatter.com/ .

Certainly a liberating experience for those times when u need to get away from everything and wish this world has still a chance… somewhere.

3) Share seven things about yourself

oh, dammit….. 7 things….. ok there we go:

1- I’m from Valencia (ok, Balansiyah for arabs) that means I am one of those apparently unnatural spaniards who still feel 100% spaniard even when we speak naturally 2 languages: one is Valencian (considered a part of “Catalan”, but we have NEVER called our language like that since 13th Century so…. The other is Castillian (what the rest of the world calls Spanish, although I am one of those who consider that valencian should be accounted as much as spanish language as castillian is!). I said it may sound unnatural because listening to those who speak catalan or basque or galician, in too many occasions makes u feel that incompatibility grows as the use of castillian decreases. And same can happen in Madrid, or other areas of Spain where you can find folks who will call you “3 or 4 things” if they hear you speaking smthg else than the only language they accept as being “spanish”.

My father is castillian and my mother valencian, and I use both languages naturally at home without any kind of nationalist conflict. Out of home I also use english naturally… and then some french… hmmm and a bit of portuguese and italian,… and I want to learn arabic too… I hope to make it happen with amazing personal teaching. 😉 Time will tell.

2I’m Aries, born on April 1st.(aye….. an April’s fool)

I’m a child of Mars. Read Linda Goodman’s book abt Sun signs… she nailed it quite nicely. Aries is not a ram….. is a new born child. For the good and the bad!

3- I’m 40 years old… oh, my…. yeah…. I’m 40 years old. 😛

4- Still single at 40 … but heterosexual (yes, …. I think that matters!), no kids, no mortgages to pay… I just got myself and my car. That has a good side and a bad one…. the good is that I got no banks running after me… the bad is that even if I had them, being a long term unemployed makes it quite unable to start anything solid in life.

5-I’m roman catholic. Yes…. still today. And more… even today, being spaniard!. And somehow happily now, with Pope Francis I.  From 15 to 18 years old, while most of my friends were learning about mixing alcohol with sex, sex, sex, and cigarettes, and tehno music and football, (and why not, some more sex), I was fighting against my hormones and trying to find a sense in Universe and life. I finally left that path the day I decided that I wanted to have a family and grow my kids. Then my time for setting my struggle with hormones came. Not for the techno music, though.

If Roman Catholic Church had made celibate volunteer, (as it happens with oriental churches, or with protestants), for sure here would be many more priests willing to give a hand. And also for sure, many taboos about sexuality and many abuses, fruit of an immature repressed sexuality, would have never happened. Our mission is to make it be heard by those who manage the boat. Theirs is to listen and to react.

Those who know me have heard more than once how I think about having a faith. I know that “my house is dirty” it’s too obvious for me as for everyone else.

When that happens to us, there’s two things we can do:

One  is to clean it. By ourselves or by calling professionals who may do it with more preparation that we usually consider to have.

The other is to get out to the street, point our fingers at our house and shout with all the air in our lungs: “DIRTYYYYYYYYYYY” … I am those who feel that the latter option is merely useless, and nothing positive will come from it, in order to clean the house. .. except to let it be full of flies, ants and roaches feeding from dirtiness and perpetuating it.

So yes… religion has its importance in my life. Not as a daily practice or mass attending. But from inside. Praying simply and intimally.

And I feel ok with it.

6- I’m a frustrated traveller. I have been all over Spain as for 9 years I worked as salesman, but also in Portugal, France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland… mainly for job.

For pleasure I travelled on my own, backpacking, 3 times to Scotland, and ne to Egypt. Then in 2009 came crisis and unemployement, and then I had to forget about travelling for pleasure to Turkey, Jordan, Poland, Ireland…

In March 2010 I traveled to Canada attempting to find a proper job and maybe a escape forward…. and stayed there for a year…. but everything went wrong, at the end in that sense…. and all I could keep (as if it was little thing) was a lot of friends that will always stay inside me.

My farewell party after 1 year had 208 people invited and 110 of them assisted. Enough said 😉

Do I find I job, I’ll try to make my backpack travel again. Dunno where but will have to be a history place.  I DAMN NEED IT.

7- I’m in love, at this time. And I feel corresponded. It’s a crazy love, hardly possible, full of obstacles and walls… but she makes me smile deep inside, and I make her smile wonderfully. And when that happens I don’t give a damn about what the rest of the world says.

Because when we look into each other’s eyes we notice that it doesn’t matter. Now we have to find a way to convince fate of that same thing.

We’ll manage, somehow.

Dammit, she’s a precious human being! 😉

4) Pass the award along to 15 favorite bloggers. Contact the chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.

hummm ok…. here goes my list:

1: http://levantwoman.wordpress.com/ : An amazing and heart touching blog. Makes you notice how the reality of war and destruction can hurt  someone’s inner reality beyond blood, explosions or media. The personal and internal pain that remains more deeply than any bleeding cut and will be remembered more than anything else. The pain of the loss. The pain of the lack of visible horizons.

If you want to know what it means to feel the pain of war in Syria, whatever your side is, get into Levantina’s place and listen to her.

It’s worth it. You will listen to your own feelings.

Word of   spanish levantine

2: http://manal-alsharif.com/: Yep… Manal Al-Sharif is one of the most important arab women one can read about, nowadays. And even when the achievements of her struggle are limited, to get a sandstorm in Saudi Arabia you need to start by moving a single grain of sand… and she started it by asking to drive her own life.

(In this category I’ll add other 3 saudi women who can hold hands with her:   http://omaimanajjar.wordpress.com/ ,  http://saudiwoman.me/http://tamadoralyami.com/ … all these LADIES belong to that very special class of women who can teach others that things are not always as media shows them, and also that if  there’s any hope in Saudi Arabia… it will come from its women.

May Allah keep their beautiful eyes safe and open to make us notice that Saudia may be a different planet, but it’s still inhabited by many humans, whetever we may think most often)

NOTE: You’ll need to use a translator, if u r not arabic literate.

3: http://arablit.wordpress.com/ : If you are (again, as myself) illiterate in arabic language, but you are interested, intrigued, or willing to be surprised by its amazing literature, unpromoted and mostly unknown for common westerns,  this is your site.  News and info on Arab Literature….. IN ENGLISH! 😉

4: http://globalvoicesonline.org/ : The voice of many people from all over who will read, hear, evaluate things happening all around, and will tell them to us here, quite before someone considers it’s proper to be posted on mainstream media.

5: http://shareenayoub.wordpress.com/ : She’s an egyptian woman living in Canada… yeah… being Mediterranean, it sounds terrible for me too. But she manages to make it work…. as everything else. I miss her to write more, lately… specially because, as she says… she writes funny posts.  Simple. The mom we all wanted to have! …. or the school mate’s mom we’d envy?  😀

6: http://riyadhbureau.com/ : News from Saudi Arabia. Free Speech news, that is. As far as I can imagine in KSA. Period. Give it a look.

7: http://susanalshahri.blogspot.com.es/ : A fresh view from Oman, that quite and unknown country for so many of us here in the west…  in the eyes of a young openminded woman, well informed, well educated, and with a good taste for photography and quite a coherent position on many things. Very advisable.

8: http://mideastposts.com : A bit of everything on Middle East Info. From Morocco to Dubai.  Very useful if u are on these issues, as I am.

9:  http://www.karlremarks.com/: An hillarious satyrical (hence, coherent and realistic) view on Mid East issues… from Libnan to the world… a must read!

10: http://stephenliddell.wordpress.com/ : Another historyaddict as me, lover of his homeland’s roots, like me, lover of Mid East, like me, a backpacker, like me, but differerent than me, just lost his job recently and could travel, and experience what it means to follow T.E. Lawrence’s steps into Wadi Rum… among many others!

He recently lost his mother, (which will prevent my expectedly contrary reaction for his somehow topical mass- media-oriented position on syrian war, at least for now) and that makes me express here my condolences again. As far as I could appreciate, his mam will have reasons for feeling proud of the man she grew up.

11: http://whiskyandtea.wordpress.com/ : Pretentious, young, leftist…. and even this… insolently brilliant.

And quite a good taste on Single Malt whiskies, among other issues… Good one for you, Mark!

12:  http://historykicksass.wordpress.com/: What’s better for a history lover than historical objects and curiosities?…. From Roman water pumps to Graham Bell’s voice records…. History Kickass. (I just expect to find some day a spanish contribution… even north americans must have smthg ours upthere, beyond a black legend :D)

13: http://nervana1.org/ : News and comments about Middle East to the british Isles, with a woman’s educated vision.

14: http://thegulfblog.com/ : a very complete amount of info about the Persian Gulf  area, and whole Mid East by extension, from the eyes of an anglosaxon expat with good experience and knowledge.

15: http://notgr33ndata.blogspot.com.es/ : Tarek is an Egyptian living in London who writes for Global Voices… also was the first to like and comment one of my posts made about his article on al-Andalus. Let’s say that if there’s still a Mossarab writing to you… it’s because of him. I wish others dared to comment and discuss too! 😉


….and now…just waiting is left.

Let’s tell all the interesting people that they are on the list for the prize too… whatever it is….. whenever it is! …

(damn…. that sounded so much like  Shakira….. geez.)

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