A Woman’s Clothing Is A Reason For Rape!

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This kind of social perception was pretty usual in Spain til some decades ago… Still today many women suffer oppression from their couples and just last week, 5 women were killed by their husbands, b-friends or ex-boyfriends…

Every time I hear abt news of men treating women like a piece of flesh they own, for their own pleasure, and how they react when they loose their toys, I notice HOW WEAK HUMANS ARE GROWN UP.

I truly wish the sons and daughters of these brave women, as Manal is, push hard for a change in everything. and are an example for the rest…. just if society was prepared in any way to make it happen…

Manal al-Sharif

This is not a title of a scientific study made by a crime research center. Unfortunately, it is a title of a debate raised by a Tweet of a woman standing by “the harasser, the rapist and the killer», if the woman is not wearing decent clothes. Exactly as I believe in the freedom of speech, I also believe in the freedom of stupidity. However, the fact is that the amount of people who disagree with this concept far outnumber those who support it.

In my humble opinion, our Eastern culture created those types of women in our homes, our schools and our work. Why not while our Arab societies bring up the woman to bear responsibility alone for all relationship mistakes, even if it is the man’s fault, based on the proverb “a man endures his fault while a woman’s fault cost the family their honor”. The same societies…

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