Intifada? Whatever it is, it won’t succeed by itself, until they learn from Gandhi.

This seems to be going to last until one of them notices the magic tricky secret is to stop it and use smthg else.

It’s Not an Intifada – By Jonathan Schanzer | Foreign Policy.

btw I am at 150% with one of the comments:

It’s just a matter of time.

Sadly for Israel the next intifada will have far greater global support than the last two, given years of Israeli settlements, warmongering, extremist Likud governments and regional unrest.

But what Israeli is really terrified of is mass peaceful protest – like Tahrir square 2011. At that point you either give in, or carry out a Tienamen Square massacre. Bad for PR. Thankfully for Israel, the PA seems unwilling to organize such a movement.”

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